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The Highly Qualified Teacher initiative is a federal mandate that requires states to demonstrate the alignment between teachers’ academic preparation and their content area teaching assignments through each state’s licensing system.
Definition of the Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT)

To Satisfy the Federal Definition of Highly Qualified, Teachers Must: 
Have at least a Bachelor’s degree
Have valid state certification
CE and CEAS are considered state certification
      No requirements have been waived
      No emergency or conditional certificates
      Demonstrate content expertise in the core academic subject(s) they teach

3 Definitions of Teachers
New Teacher: Novice in first year of teaching
Newly Hired Teacher: Experienced teacher in first year in a new district
Veteran Teacher: Teacher who has been teaching one year or more

Who Needs to Demonstrate Content Expertise
Required to Demonstrate Content Expertise
Teachers of the Following Core Academic Subjects:
Arts (Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Arts)
Foreign Languages
Lang. Arts
Social Studies
Not Required to Demonstrate Content Expertise
Personnel in the Following Areas:
Preschool teachers
Health/Physical Education
Educational Services Personnel
     Guidance Counselors
     LDT-Cs, Psychologists, Social Workers
     Speech-Language Specialists
School nurses
Family and Consumer Science
Technological Literacy & Technical Education
Special education teachers providing in-class resource programs
Special education teachers providing pull-out support resource programs
Special education teachers providing consultation as a service
Teachers of Gifted and Talented who do not provide direct instruction
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Last Modified on November 2, 2009